Vegetative Stage

Hydroponic Nutrients: Enzymes, Vitamins, Mycorrhizae, and Bacteria

Fungal filaments (mycorrhizae) attach to the roots and gather the needed moisture and nutrients that the plant needs, in return they feast on the sugars in the plants roots. This is knows as a symbiotic relationship, thiamine, or vitamin B-1, is essential for plants to create and use carbohydrates. This provides them with the needed energy for strong vegetative growth and flower growth. It’s also vital for root development, resulting in a faster nutrient intake and improved resistance to cloning, shock, and transplanting.

To help plants break down nutrients into easier-to-absorb small components, plants need enzymes, with carbohydrates and starches being particularly vital. They also help to prevent the formation of algae and Pythium, so make sure to introduce enzymes into your plants’ nutrient solution.

Root Stimulants

As additives, root stimulants improve size and growth rate of plant roots. This can help plants to better intake their nutrients, resulting in a larger growth with a better root structural support. Should your plants have root issues like root rot, root stimulants often prove to be helpful. Whether through the flowering phase or at the beginning of plants’ life cycle, root stimulants can be highly beneficial.

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