Complete Guide on Watering During Flowering Stage

watering during flowering stage

Complete guide on watering during the flowering stage:

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Whether your only just starting to see preflowers or your plants are in full-on bloom – remembering what your plants need and when is a crucial part to any grow and something that only comes with experience.

And with time and effort, comes experience – In this blog post we cover week-by-week what happens during the flowering stage, what to expect next, what nutrition your plant needs and how your plant uses different nutrients during flowering.

How to tell if your plants need watering:

Before we begin, It might seem like a “no-brainer” but just to make sure we’re all on the same page – here are a few ways to tell if your plants need watering.

  • Droopy / Wilted leaves – By far the easiest sign to spot, left unfed the leaves will start to wilt, changing to a pale, yellow color and eventually dying. In some cases the leaves can droop around moist buds, causing bud-rot and mold with a lack of air circulation.
  • Pick the pot up! – If you can, check the weight of your pot by simply lifting your plant off the ground, this can give you an indication of how much water your plant is holding on to. With practice you will know the difference between a full / nearly empty pot in no time.

Week-by-Week watering schedule (soil)

If you’re looking for a feeding schedule suitable for coco-coir, click here or keep scrolling.

Watering during week 1 of flowering:

You can force your plants to enter the flowering stage by switching your lighting to a 12/12 schedule, this tricks your plants into thinking fall is approaching and it’s time to re-produce (females make buds and males make seeds).

If you’re not using a full spectrum grow light, then you might also need to change bulbs to a lower light spectrum, during the first week of flowering, you won’t see much change in terms of appearance as most of the action is below the surface.

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During the 1st week of flowering, I use Advanced Nutrients Grow at 2ml/L and Advanced Nutrients Bloom at 1ml/L during the first week of flowering.

The reason i recommend that you continue to feed growth nutrients is because your plants will still be using plenty of Nitrogen during the first week of flowering, I’d recommended that you continue to use growth nutrients at half the previous strength, and begin to introduce bloom nutrients at a quarter of the recommended strength.

Watering during week 2 & 3 of flowering

Your plants should be well on their way into flowering by now, It’s a good idea to stop pruning, defoliating and topping at this stage and let your girls put all their energy into bud development.

week 3 flowering

During week 2 & 3, I use Advanced Nutrients Bloom at 2ml/L and Advanced Nutrients Big Bud at 1ml/L

You should also be removing growth nutrients from your feeding schedule, and doubling the previous dose of flowering nutrients, up to 50% of the recommended dose, if you’re using boosters you can begin to introduce them at 50% the recommended levels.

Watering during week 4 & 5 of flowering

By now, you will notice that your buds are starting to fatten up, It’s vital that you provide your plants with sufficient Phosphorous during this stage as it’s an important building block for bud development.

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During week 2 & 3, I use Advanced Nutrients Bloom at 3ml/L and Advanced Nutrients Big Bud at 1.5ml/L, I also like to introduce molasses at 2ml/L at this stage to help my soil thrive.

As well as noticing new bud sites sprouting everywhere! You might also notice that the previous white pistils are turning into a brownish, amber color.

It’s at this stage you should be checking them under a magnifying glass for them turning into a milky white color, this will give you an indication as to when harvest time is approaching.

Watering during week 6 & 7 of flowering

Not all strains flower for the same amount of time, so depending on the strain you’re growing, you can either decide to start flushing the soil with plain, PH’d water or continue to provide a late-flowering booster, so long as you allow enough time for a 2-week flush.

I always like to add a late-flowering booster, usually overdrive from Advance Nutrients, I’ve noticed that using a late stage booster can help my buds increase weight by upwards of 50%.

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During week 6 & 7, I use Advanced Nutrients Bloom at 3ml/L and Advanced Nutrients Overdrive at 1ml/L, Unsulphured Molasses at 2ml/L

It’s a good idea to keep checking your pistils this late into flowering, the longer you leave them flowering, the darker the pistils will turn and this produces a stronger ‘couch-lock’ type high.

If you wasn’t to keep the characteristics of the strain and not be stoned into the ground, wait until you see majority milky pistils and then begin to flush.

Flushing the soil:

week 9 flowering

During the flushing stage, I feed plain water, the same PH as what they’ve had through the entire grow, for me It’s 6.2 – this is what comes from my taps, and i don’t need to use PH down chemicals.

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