Flowering Stage

You’ve made it through the vegetative stage, well done! Now it’s time to take a look at the different types of nutrients available for maximizing yield.

The most important thing is to make sure that you are giving your plants

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the correct amounts of nutrients at the correct time. Lucky for us, most nutrient companies make great products even though they all use different formulas, during the first three weeks of the flowering phase, you will notice a rapid growth, this is known as the “pre-flower” stretch, plants can grow up to 10cm a day during this phase in height! A general rule of thumb is a plant will double it’s size during the pre-flower stretch.

After a 3 week stretch, your plants will no longer grow any taller and will begin forming buds, hungry for phosphorous, this is where you need to switch out the vegetative nutrients for the bloom nutrients,
providing sufficient Potassium and Phosphorous is critical to a successful bloom. It’s usually indicated on the bottle how much to give your plants, always measure on the lower side, if not only administering 50-75% of the recommended dose as to eliminate the risk of over fertilizing them.

I’ve listed the best Cannabis Nutrients brands, these trustworthy nutrient brands have worked well for growers across the world, tested extensively and are known to product great results!

CANNA | Flowering Nutrients

Advanced Nutrients | Flowering Nutrients | Hobbyist