The Best Bud Candy Alternatives

bud candy alternatives


bud candy alternatives

I’ve found the best-rated alternatives to Bud Candy, and I’ve included a DIY bloom booster that has worked great for growers I know.

Bud Candy from Advanced Nutrients is known as a “Bloom Enhancer”, combining two of their signature products, Sweet Leaf and CarboLoad together. The powerful combination of amino acids, nutrients, and sugars work in unison to deliver a powerful punch to your buds.

However, Bud Candy is not the only bloom booster on the market, many other companies have developed their own unique blend, but it’s important to note that the main ingredient used in nearly, if not all bloom boosters are molasses, that’s right – black treacle.


This expert blend of nutrients from Humbolts Secrets can not only be used during flowering – when used during veg it can reduce the veg time by up to 50%! Used for flowering, HS Golden Tree increases the yields and quality of harvests.

Golden Tree is a proprietary blend of kelp, amino acids, carbs, and other good stuff, suitable for use with coco-coir, soil or hydroponics. It can be used as a foliar or a root spray and even contains essential nutrients to recover sick plants! – A true must-have for any grower and that’s why it’s our #1 alternative to Bud Candy!

Humboldts Secret Golden Tree
1300+ Reviews
Humboldts Secret Golden Tree
  • Vastly decreases vegetative time by up to 50% whilst increasing yields by up to 20%.
  • A Powerful Root Stimulator, Growth Accelerator, Carbohydrate Loader, Bloom Enhancer, Plant Strengthener, and More – all in a single bottle.


Another great option is Botanicare Sweet Raw, enhancing your cannabis plant’s flavours and odor, Sweet Raw is specially formulated with carbs, organic acids, vitamins as well as vital amino acids. This specialized blend of nutrients ensures a stress-free transition into the flowering stage with hearty, fruitful crops.

Sweet Raw is ideal for organic soil growers due to the high levels of organic matter used, or for use in hydroponic systems as this formula is clog-free!

Botanicare Sweet Carbo Raw
1300+ Reviews
Botanicare Sweet Carbo Raw
  • Develops hardy plants with compact internodes.
  • Improves balance between respiration and photosynthesis.
  • Maintains balanced metabolism for plants grown with C02 and HID lighting.
  • Will not clog systems.


Rock Resinator is a revolutionary bloom booster that will drastically improve as well as increase essential oil production and bud density. Resinator provides the highest quality soluble phosphorus and potassium for transition into the flowering stage.

An increased yield of up to 45% has been observed in studies by using Rock Resinator.

Rock Resinator Heavy Yields
  • Bulk out your yield with Rock Resinator Heavy Yields.
  • Expect size, taste, smell, colour & essential oil production to improve.
  • Naturally brewed, decomposed plant materials that can’t be synthetically manufactured.


CANNABOOST Accelerator boosts the metabolism of your plants. This is important because the rate of which your plant will uptake nutrients depends on the plant’s health and metabolism rate. CANNABOOST is specially developed for short cycle plant varieties and works wonders on autoflowers!

CANNA Boost Accelerator
  • Can be used with any growing system and in combination with any feeding with no exceptions.
  • Increases the speed of photosynthesis which greatly increases the sugar production in the fruits.
  • Stimulates the development of new flowers.


Explode is a flowering booster, helping to give your plants in flowering all the nutrients it needs in this phase. This flowering booster consists of several micronutrients, vitamins and acids, giving the plant an explosive bloom.

Suitable for every irrigation system with no residue left behind!

Dutchpro Explode
  • Explode is a brilliant bloom stimulator that delivers precious nutrients and minerals to your plants throughout the flowering stage.
  • Used by commercial growers worldwide to achieve amazing yields and plant vigor!
  • Explode is THE bloom stimulator that’s taking the market by storm!

Flowering Boosters For Flowering Plants

Whether you go with Bud Candy, or an alternative – there is no denying that, if you want to grow top-quality, high-grade buds then you’re going to need the help of some boosters!

Flowering Boosters are packed with phosphorous and potassium the two main nutrients a plant needs for encouraging a plant to produce large, fat, sticky-icky buds that make you feel sick when you stick it under your nose.

Phosphorous and Potassium help with everything from water movement throughout a plant to effective chlorophyll production.

Boosters are so effective because they contain such high levels of Potassium(P) and Phosphorous(K), often 130g per L.

When you give your plants a feed of boosters, the PK stimulates a natural, chemical change that will let your plant know that instead of growing new leaves and stems, it should now be focused into flowering (producing buds) and strengthening existing stems to better support the buds.

Because you’re “tricking” the plant into thinking it’s time to flower, you ultimately gain extra time for the buds to mature as the plants life-span won’t change, only the flowering time.

It will enter flowering early, giving you lots of time for your buds to fully ripen. It’s good to know that your buds can often double in size during the last 2 weeks!

A nutrient deficiency during the flowering stage, whereby your leaves turn yellow will reduce the amount of photosynthesis that can occur, greatly reducing possible energy intake, think of the fan leaves as a large solar panel, they’re there so your plants can photosynthesize.

Read more about PK Boosters

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