Best nutrients to achieve explosive root growth?

Achieve explosive root growth by using the best nutrients.

Roots are arguably one of the most important building-blocks of any plant. They are responsible for the uptake of nutrients and water aswell as helping the plant stand upright when grown in soil or coco-coir.

By giving your plants the best nutrients available for root growth you will be preparing them for both stages of growth in the best way possible, proper root nutrients are as important as vegetative/flowering nutrients.

Remember: More Roots = More Fruits!

Best nutrients for root growth:

Phosphorus and Potassium are two vital nutrients for root growth, typically flowering nutrients contain a high level of Phosphorus and Potassium and that why many growers add a 1/4 of bloom nutrients during the vegetative stage.

Having a reserve of Phosphorus and Potassium in the soil allows your cannabis plant to shoot out new roots whilst strengthening existing roots.

If adding flowering nutrients whilst you’re still in the veg stage doesn’t sit too well with you (and that’s fine!) – you can always introduce purpose built Root Nutrients or Root Stimulators (Plant Hormones)

I’ve put together the best rated nutrients for root growth

A few things you should know about roots:

root-bound plant

1) Roots will continue to grow as long as the plant is still growing, for some strains this can be up to 9 months and for this reason, It’s important to make sure that you have large enough pots or preferably, fabric pots to prevent them becoming root-bound.

root rot cannabis

2) Root Rot occurs when the plants roots have been sat in “still-water” for too long, a constantly damp growing medium is enough to cause it and left untreated it will eventually kill your plants.

Hydroponic systems don’t suffer from root rot as long as there is constant air circulation around the roots, to avoid root-rot in a soil or coco grow – make sure your pots have sufficient drainage holes and only water when the top first inch is dry.

3) Seeing tiny black flies (fungus gnats) around your lights and/or soil is never a good sign.

Caused by over-watering, the fungus gnat thrives in damp conditions where they lay tiny larvae which eats away at your roots before turning into more fungus gnats to repeat the cycle.

You can eradicate them by removing and discarding the top 2-inches of soil, spraying the plant pot with a neem-oil and dish soap solution and replacing the 2-inches of lost soil with perlite or vermiculite.

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