Advanced Nutrients Coco Bundle

The Advanced Nutrients Coco Bundle is the perfect starting place for new growers, or existing growers looking to get into using boosters. 

9 out of 10 growers are now using boosters to achieve award winning, sweet & sticky dense buds. Advanced Nutrients have developed a specially formulated pH perfect range, eliminating the need for pH readers or adjusters to help you double, often triple your yield. 


What’s in the Advanced Nutrients Coco Bundle?

This 12 bottle bundle from Advanced Nutrients contains everything you need and is specially made to need no pH adjustment, complete with everything from the roots to the fruits this amazing bundle includes:

  • pH perfect – contains all the base nutrients for both the growth and flowering stage.
  • Voodoo Juice – Maximum-development of roots on your seedlings, transplants and clones
  • Tarantula – Enhance availability of phosphorous and improves conversion of atmospheric nitrogen to plant-available nitrogen
  • Piranha – Beneficial Fungi maximizes root growth for optimum yields
  • Big Bud – Larger, heavier, denser flowers, increases oils drastically
  • Overdrive – reinvigorates flowering and creates a renewed burst of resins, scents, terpenoid, size 
  • Bud Ignitor – Maximize your flowering sites per stem
  • Bud Candy – Feeds sugars, amino acids and vitamins to your plants so you can taste their sweeter, bigger buds
  • Flawless Finish –Higher Quality Crops That Command Premium Market Prices

Reviews for the Coco Bundle?

Here’s what actual people are saying and achieving from using the complete bundle.

“I have used Advanced Nutrients for the last 4 years and after using multiple brands in the past, I have to say Advanced Nutrients is by far the best brand on the market, the pH perfect technology is a must for any grower as that alone can save hundreds of dollars” – Michael at Grass City Forums

“I’ve been using Advanced 
Nutes for over three years now, I was buying it today when I decided to read some reviews for this product. I’ve found this
was perfect for me as a beginner hydro grower, now I still use it out of the convenience for no ph monitoring” – Brent Barron on 

Make sure you check out our guides for both the vegetative and flowering stage

Advanced Nutrients Coco Bundle


Easy to use




Complete Kit



  • pH Perfect
  • Complete range from start to finish
  • Latest research for the highest yields
  • Impossible to go wrong


  • Price

Author: tgallone